Winterize Your Roof this Winter

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CeDUR Composite Synthetic Shake

CeDUR: Synthetic Shake Roofing For Your Home

The modernized version of the Cedar shake shingles are the perfect answer to any of your roofing woes. CeDUR is the most natural wood-looking synthetic composite roofing product available.  It checks all the boxes of must-haves from your list for your

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EDCO Products and Steel Roofing for Your Home

Timeless and beautiful, does this make you think of steel roofing? It should. Steel is the fastest growing material in roofing today and provides innovative charm and everlasting protection for home and business owners alike. Red Rock Roofing proudly uses EDCO

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Best Roofs for Cold Climates

When it comes to roofing materials, it’s important to consider durability, something that can hold up against the harsh temperatures winter can bring to the Colorado Front Range. It’s important to choose roofing materials that protect from the coldest and warmest

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Signs You Need a Winter Roof Inspection

Having an annual roof inspection will help detect smaller problems that could lead to major issues if they aren’t caught early. Climbing onto the roof on your own is never a good idea. We have the proper tools, training, and our

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Most Common Winter Roofing Problems to Watch For

The winter weather in Colorado can change dramatically from day-to-day. We can experience dramatic fluctuations in temperature from dry, sunny days to windy wintry weather. Because of the drastic changes in weather, this can be damaging to roofs. Ice Dams Ice

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